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Any Faculty Bloggers About?

From Karl Bates at Duke:

This post from Duke blogger Tom Burroughs bears repeating – how can we get faculty to share what they’re thinking in blogs? If they’re spending two hours a day on email (not unusual), what would an occasional blog posting add to that, really?



The 2nd Annual Science Blogging Conference started today, Jan. 18, 2008, with the main sessions taking place tomorrow at the Sigma Xi headquarters in Research Triangle Park.

Anton Zuiker and Bora Zivkovic, radical and revolutionary science communicators, have again pulled together an interesting group of scientists and other bloggers to keep the revolution alive.

If you’ve missed it, check back on the blogging conference site for wrap-up information, and plan to get your butt down here next year.

Update: There was talk of holding the conference elsewhere next year, maybe even Europe! I vote for Amsterdam!